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Older adults have specific health needs, and caring for those needs can vastly improve your quality of life. For those living in and around Farmers Branch and McKinney, Texas, geriatric care is available from Venkata Vallury, MD, Visalakshi Vallury, MD, and the team at Redwood Family Health Center under two subscription plan options. Call the nearest office or request an appointment online today.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is geriatric care?

Geriatrics is an area of medical care focused on addressing the needs of older adults. Just as children and young adults have specific health needs, so do adults over the age of 65. 

Americans are living longer lives, and as the years pass, the risk of various health issues rises. Understanding how to meet geriatric care needs is an essential part of living an active and healthy life in your later years or supporting the health and wellness of your parents or other loved ones. 

What are some geriatric care needs?

One way to think about the needs of older adults is by remembering the three Ms.


Cognitive function can decline in later years, increasing the risk of depression, dementia, and delirium. Alzheimer’s disease is an example of a cognitive problem that occurs in older adults. 


Many older adults encounter problems getting around as they age. Their gait might change, or they may lose balance more easily than in years past. Fall prevention is a critical part of geriatric care. 


It’s common for older adults to be taking multiple medications to address different health issues. Adverse effects can occur, and overmedication can be a serious problem. Ensuring medications are being taken appropriately is an essential part of geriatric care. 

When all of these needs are being carefully and thoughtfully addressed, older adults can not only avoid common health problems, but they can thrive throughout their later years.

When is the right time to schedule geriatric care visits?

There is no “right” time to begin geriatric care. Some people begin to need these health services earlier in life, while others are far beyond retirement age when these needs arise. 

The most important step in seeking geriatric care is to pay close attention to changes in health or behavior. If you notice changes in your own life, consider coming in for a health assessment.

If you see troubling changes in a loved one, call the office to set up an appointment or request an appointment with Redwood Family Health Center online today.