Gold Healthcare Plan


Unlimited doctor visits with vaccines and procedures included for just $149 per month.

Included Benefits:

    • Unlimited doctor visits

    • Guaranteed booking

    • In-person, telephone and video appointments

    • Annual flu shot included

    • All vaccines included

    • EKGs included

    • CLIA waived in-house tests included

      Pregnancy, Urinalysis, Blood Glucose, Rapid Strep, Rapid Flu and Hemoglobin A1c. All other labs are outsourced.

    • In-house procedures included

    • Custom nutritional supplement plan

      Coming soon.

    • 50% off nutritional supplements

      Coming soon.

    • 3 X-rays and diagnostic reads included annually

    • 1 month free when paid annually ($1639/yr.)


2 members – $298/month

3 members – $430/month

4 members – $550/month

5 members – $660 /month

6 members – $760/month

7 members – $850/month

Additional Details:

  •   Available to adult and pediatric patients
  •   Transparent pricing on anything not included in the subscription (for example, additional X-rays)
  •   6 month minimum commitment
  •   Highly recommended for children from newborn to 2 years old and for all patients with chronic conditions
  •   Open to all uninsured patients

RFHC Gold Affordable Healthcare Plan in McKinney, Texas

In an effort to one day find ourselves in a world where healthcare is accessible and affordable for all, Redwood Family Health Center provides individuals and families with professional healthcare. Our Gold affordable healthcare plan in McKinney, Texas, eliminates the financial burden associated with visiting the doctor.

For $149 per month, you will receive unlimited doctor visits, guaranteed booking, included vaccines and procedures, and a custom nutritional supplement plan. Our Gold affordable healthcare plan in McKinney, Texas, also includes family plans that accommodate up to seven family members.

Continue scrolling to familiarize yourself with the included terms and benefits that come along with our affordable healthcare plan in McKinney, Texas.

Subscribe today or get to know our providers by booking an appointment online. For immediate assistance, call (972) 791-8301.


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