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Redwood Family Health Center is the byproduct of family collaboration.

Our founder, Dr. V.A. Vallury (“Dr. V”), was part of the hospital health care system for two decades, caring for patients all throughout the city of Chicago. His patients continued to follow him, wherever he went.

With a dedicated patient base, he decided to break free from the hospital system, and become a pioneer of physician managed health clinics. He opened the Southtown Medical Center in 1999 and for 11 years, grew a dynamic practice that was beloved by his patients. Not long after, his wife, Dr. Visala Vallury (“Dr. Visala”) joined him at the practice once she completed her pivot from a Doctor of Physiology and Biophysics to a Doctor of Medicine.

As the business grew, so did their responsibilities as business owners, which led them to sell the practice and move to Texas, where Dr. V had been licensed since 1989.

Despite an aim to ease into a sunny retirement, they noticed the same patient coverage gap here in DFW that they saw in Chicago. And with the lessons learned from Southtown, they called in some reinforcements.

First, he called upon his son, Anand, an entrepreneur with a keen eye for strategy and together, they re-worked the management process to ensure physicians could focus solely on healthcare. Anand would focus on road mapping the future, which has been his strongest skill.

To communicate the brand message, Drs. Vallury looked to their daughter-in-law, Natasha, whose approach to branding calls upon her history as a marketing executive and her dynamic voice as a visual artist. Natasha brings a sense of calm to our practice that is reflected in our language, presentation, and continuous focus on you, the patient.

To keep day-to-day operations running smoothly, the Drs. called upon Jerry Blow, a dear family friend and former executive at Bank of America, where he oversaw a team of 19,000 while managing and mitigating risk across his part of the enterprise. Jerry’s keen eye for detail ensures that every patient receives exceptional care every time.

We’re a team that’s passionate about making you feel better!


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