About Redwood Family Health Center


Healthcare is in need of a massive overhaul.

One that puts the patient experience at the center, rather than profit margin.

We transform healthcare into a patient-centric service that creates happier and healthier communities.

It’s a four-step process:

1. Transparency

Our fees are clear, simple, and uninflated. Rest easy that you are getting the very best care at affordable prices.

2. Empowerment

While we pass our savings on to you, we do not do that at the expense of our staff. They are paid above market standards and are provided the freedom and flexibility to thrive in their roles. It makes for a happy, dynamic work environment that delivers exceptional healthcare.

3. Care-centric

We make an investment in you first. Learning about your health profile enables us to create personalized, meaningful healthcare strategies that have your long-term health interests in mind. This is all done before we begin billing for our services. Let’s come up with a plan first.

4. Dynamic

To ensure you get our very best, we incorporate your feedback whenever possible to improve our services and processes. Transforming healthcare is a collaborative process, and we aim to be better every single day.



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